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Private Lessons

We teach private lessons, including Chinese music, operas, and dances.


Chinese instrument GuQin, which is dated back to six thousand years ago.  Taught by Ting-ting Chen.

Chinese instrument Sheng, which is dated back to seven thousand years ago.  Taught by Yan-pu Guo.

Beijing opera.  We teach singing and body movement.  Taught by Qing-feng Li and Yu-xia Liu.

Chinese ethnic dances, including Mongolian, Uygur, Dai, ribbon, fan dances.  Taught by Qian Ma.

Chinese string instruments, including ErHu, GaoHu, JingHu, BanHu.  Taught by Paul Tsao.  He also teaches HuLuSi, a Dai nationality instrument.

Chinese Dulcimer.  Taught by Shu-min Yang.

Teachers Bios

Paul Tsao

Mr. Paul Tsao is one of the most outstanding Chinese traditional musicians.  He is known as a “Master of Chinese Strings.” Ellen Stewart, founder of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, called him the most remarkable “king of instruments and wizard of music.”  Since he moved to USA in 1994, Mr. Tsao has performed in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Broadway, National Theatre, and Kennedy Hall, and toured and lectured across the U.S.


Yan-pu Guo

Miss Guo was born in the homeland of Chinese wind and percussion.  She started her music training with her father since was 7-year-old.  She was a soloist with a prestigious performing troupe in China and national award winner .  


Ting-ting Chen

Miss Chen won the Chinese national first prize in Zheng performance numerous times.  She entertained state leaders from other countries at Beijing Olympics in 2008.  She is council member of Chinese Traditional Instrument Association.


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